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odor-control covers

FLC MEMBRANE covers are custom designed to minimize odor and fumes, and reduce evaporation and diffusion into the atmosphere resulting from wind.  In particular, our odor control covers help eliminate odors from manure storage tanks and industrial plants.


Our covers are constructed using flexible sheets of closed cell polyethylene foam that is resistant to acids and weathering and can be installed on new or existing ponds or tanks of virtually any shape or size.


The FLC MEMBRANE covers are installed in such a way that the cover remains constantly stretched on the surface of the slurry, even when the liquid level varies in the tank or pond.  Therefore, the cover captures the odor and fumes by significantly reducing evaporation and diffusion into the atmosphere.


As demonstrated by academic research, FLC MEMBRANES can eliminate up to 98% of ammonia-based gas emissions


Our FLC MEMBRANE covers can be equipped with a drainage system in order to prevent the accumulation of rainwater on top of the cover.

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