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Our three membrane constant pressure gasholders serve as a standalone containment system designed to store biogas generated from the anaerobic digestion of municipal waste water treatment, agriculture waste, industrial and urban waste.  These gasholders are mounted on a concrete slab.


Similar to our 2MASTER system, the 3MASTER system’s external, gas and bottom membranes are constructed using double-sided PVC-coated fiber fabric (UV-microbial-abrasion-biogas resistant), while the intermediate membrane is constructed using a single-sided PVC-coated fiber fabric (UV-microbial-abrasion-biogas resistant).  Individual membrane sections are welded together using high frequency welding (ISO 9001 quality).  All welding edges are sealed using an Eco-Safe layer of pure PVC in order to prevent biogas and other contaminants from degrading the fibers within the membrane.  The inner biogas chamber is a completely sealed, one-piece chamber which prevents gas losses that can pass through anchor bolts used to affix the gasholder to the concrete base.


Our 3MASTER system offers several advantages to our 2MASTER system, including a greater level of operational safety, more accurate pressure control and power savings.


Greater Level of Operational Safety.  The 3MASTER system incorporates two completely separate chambers for the air and the biogas, thus preventing the possibility of gas leakage into the controlled air volume.  Rather, any gas that might leak from the biogas chamber flows naturally through the free space between the biogas chamber and the intermediate membrane, avoiding a potentially dangerous mix of biogas and air stored in the air chamber.  In the event of a power failure, the 3MASTER system uses the air valves to lock in the biogas, maintaining the structural integrity of the gas holder long enough for a temporary generator to connected, power to be restored, and if necessary, biogas to be flared.


Accurate Pressure Control.  The 3MASTER system allows pressure to be maintained while biogas is filling the gasholder, and only requires blower operation when biogas is being used. The working pressure of the 3MASTER is controlled mechanically using adjustable air relief valves mounted on the side of the air membrane.


Power Savings.  With the 3MASTER system, the use of an air blower is only required during the initial filling of the membrane, for compensation and for maintenance of a constant pressure when biogas is being drawn out.  This provides power savings compared to the 2MASTER system, which requires a continuously operating blower.


Level Control System.  A patented electro-mechanical system accurately records the level of the internal biogas membrane’s apex, so that operators can accurately gauge the volume of biogas stored in the gasholder.  This avoids the usual difficulties encountered with ultrasonic level detection such as false volume readings due to target misalignment.

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