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Ensures the stability of the air chamber and provides constant operating pressure in the CUPOLA M3 and 3MASTER systems.  The use of an air blower is only required during the initial filling of the membrane, for compensation and for maintenance of a constant pressure when biogas is being drawn out resulting in substantial energy savings as the pressurization system is not required to constantly operate.



Utilized in the CUPOLA M2 and 2MASTER systems, the air fan pressurization system ensures the stability of the air chamber and provides for continuous air recirculation.  The gradual and continual replenishing of the air chamber by the air fans and air valves removes any biogas that might pass from the biogas chamber into the air chamber.



In order to maintain the correct operating pressure inside the gasholder, Ecomembrane has specially designed and manufactures its own high performance stainless steel air valves.   The adjustable air valves regulates and maintain a constant operating pressure through a self calibrating air nozzle and provide an air outlet to keep the air chamber free from any traces of methane or hydrogen gases.  In the event of a power outage, the air valves will immediately close and keep the gasholder fully pressurized.



In order to control the pressure inside the gas chamber, Ecomembrane manufactures and supplies a hydraulic safety valve.  Constructed of stainless steel, the exhaust valve incorporates a self-priming tank partially filled with water that helps maintain the correct level inside the valve.

The biogas inlet pipe is installed through the top of the tank and terminates at a specific point in the exhaust valve’s self-priming tank, just below the water level that determines the desired overpressure level.  In the event of overpressure, the biogas exhaust is evacuated through a vertical exhaust pipe thereby avoiding potential human contact.



Ecomembrane’s patented level sensor ensures the optimal use of biogas stored within the gas chamber and controls the shape of the gas membrane throughout the entire filling and emptying cycle.  A load sensor is placed on the top of the outer air membrane and sends a signal to a control panel where the gas volume readout is displayed on a screen for the operator to use to manage the desired level.

The electromechanical level sensor records the gas volume based on the apex of the gas membrane and ensures that the operator receives an accurate reading of the gas volume as soon as the gas enters the chamber.  This is due to the volume level sensor incorporating springs that are attached to the top center of the gas membrane and expand and contract as the biogas fills the gas chamber, which results in continuous and accurate readings of the gas volume.



Ecomembrane is able to provide high quality electric panels designed to operate the air blowers and air fans. 

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