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Our two membrane gasholder domes are primarily used in industrial and agriculture applications and install quickly and easily on a newly constructed or pre-existing digester tank.  The CUPOLA M2 can be designed in a variety shapes and using different membrane options depending on the particular application and required operating pressures.


When used in industrial applications where the operating pressures are typically greater, the CUPOLA M2 is constructed using special membranes and individual membrane sections are welded together using high frequency welding (ISO 9001 quality).  All welding edges are sealed using an Eco-Safe layer of pure PVC in order to prevent biogas and other contaminants from degrading the fibers within the membrane.


In the case of agricultural applications where the operating pressures are generally lower, our proven two membrane system incorporates air and gas membranes stabilized by a continuously operating air handling system.


In order to help ensure the long lasting life for the CUPOLA M2, a net support system is available.  The net support system is designed to support the gas membrane during operation and installation. 

It is needed to ensure the gas membrane does not come into contact with the mixers, or any abrasive solids in the slurry.

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