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Because each project is unique, our technical team works with the customer on the front end of each project to identify the key requirements and challenges and develop a customized solution to help ensure a successful outcome for our customer.


We have the engineering capabilities and experience to deliver unique solutions to meet the needs of our customers, including gasholders with working pressure that can range from near-zero up to 70 mbar, or more.  This flexibility is the result of our technical team being able to select the right materials, shape and equipment to regulate and control the working pressure and gas flow rates.


Here are a few examples of our customized solutions:


Cylindrical Gasholder.   A cylindrical gasholder offers several advantages depending upon the unique application requirements, including:

excellent choice for tight spaces, including existing container and confined spaces;

high working pressure (up to 70 mbar and more);

simple installation;

gasholder can be easily transported and relocated.


Rectangular Gasholder.  Similar to a cylindrical gasholder, we are able to offer a solution that can adapt to a setting that requires a rectangular shape.  This design provides high volume gas storage in a long, narrow space.


Other Shapes.  In special cases, we are able to provide one, two or three membranes with different shapes in order to meet the unique technical needs of our customers.


At Ecomembrane, we are ready to work with you to find a solution that best meets the unique needs of your particular project.

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