CLARICOVER® is a new and unique solution to cover the primary and secondary clarifier tanks of the waste water treatment plants. It serves to cover the clarifier open tanks in order to capture and then threat the bad smelling gaseous emissions.



  • The Main supporting structure, made in stainless steel profiles that have to be anchored to the existing tank external wall. 
  • A side membrane wall made in polyester PVC coated fabric. The scope of this part is to make air tight under pressure the support steel structure.
  • A pressurized pneumatic spherical cover, made in polyester PVC coated fabric membrane. The main function of the membrane cover is to collect the bad smelling gases in order to send them to the air cleaning treatment system located downstream the cover.
  • A permeable inner membrane, located at a fixed height under the pneumatic cover. It has the scope to reduce by at least 3 times the air volume enclosed under the cover that has to be cleaned up.
  • Air cover pressurization system, made with redundant fresh air fans and regulation air valves that continuously replenish with fresh air the flow needed to exchange the gaseous volume enclosed between the water surface and the inner membrane. 
  • An entrance box that works as “pressure compensation chamber” between the atmospheric outer pressure and the higher inner one. 


  • It has an investment cost dramatically lower if compared with all the existing technical solutions now available (fiberglass reinforced panels, geodetic aluminum covers, etc.)
  • It allows to cover any round tank up to 200’ in diameter as well as rectangular tanks. 
  • It can be installed in few weeks even on fully working clarifiers, with low installation costs and a light impact on the existing structures. 
  • It reduces the air treatment needed system with the direct result of a further cost investment reduction.
  • Thanks to the big size access doors the system allows a safe and full all around accessibility of the tank to the maintenance personnel.



Claricover can be realized in many shapes based on customer’s request.