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Our patented level sensor system is the only one that ensures the following two main goals:

1) achieving a constant and reliable level signal independently from the shape variabilities of the gas membrane during the filling-emptying cycles.
2) controlling the shape of the gas membrane to secure the complete usage of the geometrical volume of gas storage.

As from the pictures our system control and diminish the weight of the top center part of the gas membrane letting it drive the direction of filling. In other terms with the aid of the special Ecomembrane level sensor the center top of the gas membrane will be the first part to rise up during filling time and the last one to go down during depleting time. In this way all the volume stored inside the gas membrane will be usable for the clients. In all the competitor’s products the volume usage can reach no more than the 80% of the stored volume due to different level sensors.

immagine generica

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