Our air valves have been designed and utilized by Ecomembrane since 20 years to be able to achieve the best performances available for our specific work on the membrane gasholders.
In fact they present the following features and relative advantages compared with the standard weighted clapet-style valves used by our competitors:
They are directly attached to the external air membrane avoiding the use of any flexible pipe that could cause pressure drops and even break after some time.
The valve is totally covered by a aluminum box that protects the air flux from the action of wind, snow and icing that in the other models can change the working pressure of the gasholders.
The system use an Ecomembrane designed unique mechanism that with the use of leverages ensures the increment of the sensibility of the air valve to the pressure changes letting an enhanced control of the flows with the possibility to regulate the working pressure from 3 to 50 mBar without changing the valve.

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