Reliability, technology and innovation. That’s what Ecomembrane represents.

We are among the “founding fathers” of modern-day membrane gasholders; therefore, we have roots in the past but we are strongly future-oriented. We anticipate trends.

Ecomembrane specialises in the manufacturing of gasholders, gasholder domes and covers using PVC-coated fabric membranes.

We operate globally and we have the most extensive network in the world in terms of “installations” as well as production structure. We have constantly aimed towards technological innovation and have implemented the required changes. This has enabled us to register 10 patents and to hold the world record for patents associated with a gasholder manufacturer, demonstrating unrivalled engineering skill.

Local in the Global scenario

We began selling our gasholders around the world beginning in 2008, when many of our competitors had not broached the market yet. This enabled us to get to know the markets, the climates, the laws and regulations extensively in a great many countries, which all differ greatly from one another, liaising each time with the local culture.

The only ones in the world on two continents

We are present across the globe. We are extremely familiar with various markets, various climates and the different regulatory standards and legislations. We have production plants in Italy and in America and we serve both continents.


Ecomembrane Srl
Via Pari Opportunita, 7 - 26030
Gadesco Pieve Delmona, Cremona


Every land, every climate, every situation differs from the next: this is why we rely on simple yet tailored, project-specific solutions

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