Our values


We firmly believe in green energy which lies at the heart of what we do: we set ourselves the goal of reducing greenhouses gases for real.

We have always liked the idea of applying technology to the environment: we developed it and turned it into a business.
We have built Ecomembrane with our own hands and have been in the renewable energy and biogas business since 2000. This makes sustainability part of our identity. Thanks however to unwavering product innovations, we are in a position to ensure constant ever-greener improvements.


Unrivalled engineering skill and future-oriented technological innovation are the values we believe in and work towards day-in day-out. That is what sets us apart. Every patent was studied, designed, and accomplished with the utmost engineering expertise to be the very best version possible.
We decided to monitor the gasholder and gasholder dome manufacturing processes to ensure they are reliable.
We have always chosen uniqueness, always standing out from our competitors by focusing on research and thus on our patents.
This has enabled us to have the safest, best-performing and longest-lasting gasholders in the world.


Focusing on these values also means making a choice and sharing a vision. Being solely focused on the present and thinking about the cost of the investment first rather than on the specificity of the product are not choices we can contemplate, because this would prevent us from guaranteeing top-level results.

We want to work with people who have the ability to be forward-looking, who believe in change and in the possibility of constant improvement. We are the founding fathers of modern-day membrane gasholders.

Technical Specificity

We stand out specifically because of our specific technical expertise. We have patented products that last longer and that guarantee higher performance, guaranteeing performance of 30% more volume than competing gasholders.
We have chosen not to stop, not to get stuck with old technologies that are outdated by more than 30 years