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Our collaboration with Ecomembrane began in 2015 with the replacement of a gasholder. Currently, Veritas S.p.A. is about to apply the technology to other sites with the same issue (outdated biogas storage systems). We chose Ecomembrane for the quality of their products, for their certified materials and long term reliability. The quality of the products and the employed technologies (both installation and operation) are perfectly in line with expectations. As I have been given a new role, I transferred my experience to the colleague who replaced me, who is applying it in other Veritas sites.

Gruppo Veritas

We needed to replace an old metal gasholder with a new one. This is how our collaboration with Ecomembrane began in 2003. We met them through industry fairs, various documentation and thanks to a local agent. The final achieved result fully satisfied our expectations, so much so that we are assessing an expansion of our plant with the new anaerobic digestion line and new larger ground gasholder. In the past we have already recommended Ecomembrane to other companies in the sector, and we will certainly do so in the future.

I found out about Ecomembrane with the supply of the first Claricover in Gallipoli. Our collaboration began between 2014/2016 and our expectations were immediately fulfilled. We were not looking for a simple supplier but an ongoing, reliable and competent collaboration. The trust gained with this first experience served to consolidate the relationship even in view of new plants. Ecomembrane is a supplier with considerable experience in their specific field.

We chose Ecomembrane, more than 5 years ago now, to develop our projects and our expectations have been more than satisfied. Ecomembrane stands out for the exceptional quality of its products and its absolutely competent customer service, always ready to assist them. Also, in very challenging situations Ecomembrane is the right partner to count on. We will indeed continue our collaboration with them, also for our future projects and we will recommend them to companies and colleagues in the industry for their proven professional approach.

I met Ecomembrane at the EU-Gateway fair in Korea in 2015. We have been working with them for 6 years. It was necessary to find a technically reliable membrane gasholder producer because my customer wanted to enter the biogas market in Korea and we wanted to grow quickly as biogas experts. We are satisfied with the offered quality and received service. Now Ecomembrane’s share of the membrane gasholder market in Korea is more than 30% and my company has been recognised as a biogas expert on the Korean market. My next objective is to increase Ecomembrane’s share of the membrane gasholder market to more than 60% and install other Ecomembrane products in Korea.

We have been collaborating with Ecomembrane for 5 years. We had already had some of their installations in the past. We are quite satisfied with the completed work, accordingly we will be recommending Ecomembrane to companies and colleagues in the industry. For the future, we believe that it could be interesting to have a routine maintenance contract for the membranes, so as to contain wear over time.

I found out about Ecomembrane when we replaced our old metal gasholder with our new gasholder. Our collaboration began in 2002 and fully satisfied our expectations. We are assessing a conversion of the biomethane plant and possibly increasing the volume with a new gasholder: we know that Ecomembrane will support us impeccably through every stage of development.

We met Ecomembrane almost by chance. We came across their components on a biogas plant in Tatarstan in 2017. This is how we started installing Ecomembrane gasholders and we are absolutely convinced of the very high quality. Thanks to the high qualification of Ecomembrane’s personnel, to the good quality of their production and their sales approach, we have become partners with Ecomembrane for other future projects.

I learned about Ecomembrane through their website and we have been working with them since 2015 with 14 installations under our belt as of 2021. Their quick feedback and excellent support has persuaded us to continue with them for the realisation of our projects.

A few of our customers recommended Ecomembrane. We have been working with Ecomembrane for about 5 years and we collaborated on two projects in particular. Ecomembrane products offer the guarantee of reliability at a reasonable price. Not to mention the quality, which fully satisfied our expectations. I believe that I can say with certainty that Ecomembrane can be our partner for other future projects. And of course we would recommend them to other companies and colleagues in the industry.

Ecomembrane is known as one of the main producers of gasholders in Europe. Mr Pešek (EcoGas company in the Czech Republic) told me about them. Since 10/2020 we chose to work with them to develop our projects, thanks to the good quality, their proven experience and the cost/quality ratio. We are very satisfied with the work, so much so that we recommend this collaboration also to other companies or colleagues in the industry.

We came across Ecomembrane on the web when looking for a possible solution to our needs. We have been working with them since 2009 and the first project we collaborated on was the construction of 3 gasholders for the Mamak landfill; today we continue to work together on at least 9 other projects. From our first project, we have seen how Ecomembrane products have allowed us to increase biogas production and subsequent storage. We are very satisfied with the product and the consultation, so much so that we always recommend Ecomembrane to colleagues in the sector. We are trying to raise our capacity and open new landfill projects in Turkey and other countries. Ecomembrane will be our partner who will support us for new future projects.

I remember that at least 4 years ago Tedra, BIOTHANE VEOLIA’s exclusive partner in Greece, recommended Ecomembrane to us. We decided to contact them and share our projects with them. After 2 years of activities on the projects that we are developing, we are very satisfied with the efficiency in terms of quality (always constantly improving), the costs of products and after-sales services. We have goals for the future: we are trying to enter the Greek market in the field of biogas plants. We believe that in upcoming years we will have at least 4-5 projects that include Ecomembrane products and support. We have already recommended Ecomembrane to other companies or to engineers in the industry in general.

We have been working with Ecomembrane for more than 5 years. The quality that we observe in their product and in their consultation makes us express an extremely positive opinion without doubt. For any type of need, they have always been present and this fostered an excellent climate of collaboration.

In 2015, we started building our Biogas plants in Thailand and we chose Ecomembrane as our partner. Ecomembrane products are high quality and guarantee excellent durability. We are very satisfied with the obtained result and we will collaborate with Ecomembrane also for upcoming projects. Without a doubt we will also recommend them to other companies and colleagues in the sector.

We already knew Ecomembrane, in particular through LSH. First Leif Skødt and now Christian. The current Philippine project is the first to use Ecomembrane as the supplier. When the supplier is already familiar with the delivery in the countries where we work, this is particularly important to us when working overseas. One of the main reasons why we chose Ecomembrane for the project in the Philippines is that Ecomembrane already works in Asia and knows the dynamics of the area. To date the services and support provided by them have been impeccable, and we can’t wait to take the next step when our customer will be ready for installation. In terms of the future, I believe that Ecomembrane could be a good partner.

Thanks to industry magazines and the direct experience of some codesigners, we have established a good collaboration with Ecomembrane for the construction of our projects. We interfaced with an excellent service in both the design technical phase and the more operational installation phase on site, with an absolutely satisfying end result.

Grimaldelli SRL

In the future view of continuing with plant projects on a regular basis, we can say that Ecomembrane has fulfilled our expectations in terms of product quality as well as consultation through the various stages of construction. For 11 years now we have been working with them and we recommend our same experience to other companies or colleagues in the sector.


We learned about Ecomembrane at a fair in Tokyo in 2018. We needed optimal solutions with fast responses. With them we found the ideal partner and this collaboration has continued for more than 3 years now. I would not hesitate to recommend Ecomembrane to other companies.

Hipotech Inc.

I have been working with Ecomembrane for over 10 years, since returning to the engineering field (I previously worked in another area). Ecomembrane has always been our reference point, thanks to the quality that they offer and the unrivalled consultation that allowed us to go through all of the plant design and construction phases with peace of mind. I would undoubtedly recommend it to other companies as well who, like us, need to rely on the professionalism of Ecomembrane.


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